Return Policy

All sales are considered final. LUXRYEDITION will facilitate no returns or exchanges of completed purchases. If the wrong product is shipped to the buyer, the buyer will be provided with a prepaid label to be sent back to LUXRYEDITION, at which point the correct item will be shipped back to the buyer. We do not change addresses or items on orders once they are placed. (As an exception to the above paragraph, orders may be refunded up to 97% if canceled within 15 minutes of purchasing, the remaining 3% retained to cover payment processor fees.)

Each item is purchased “AS IS”. While LUXRYEDITION provides a guarantee of authenticity, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee of workmanship. Should the purchased item show any kind of defects in the future, the cost of repairing the item falls solely with the buyer.

If a shipment is lost or damaged in transit, the customer shall be solely responsible to file the claim with the shipping company. You may always reach out to LUXRYEDITION for help with claims and customs, but the responsibility for filing the claim remains on the customer.

Although LUXRYEDITION is committed to helping customers at every step of the process, we are not responsible for packages lost during transit, nor for any weather-related damage or delays. Further, we are not responsible for shipments ordered to forwarding addresses, regardless of the shipping service used; the buyer that places an order and provides a forwarding address is solely responsible for contacting the forwarding service and locating the shipment.

The seller will ship the bag to the address on file only. The buyer agrees in selecting the correct address BEFORE making the payment.

The buyer agrees to sign for the item or retrieve it at their local post office should they not be home. Should the buyer initiate a chargeback for any reason or attempt to commit fraud, all legal actions will be taken by local, federal authorities.

The buyer agrees that they have read these terms and conditions before paying for the item. By paying for the LUXRYEDITION product, signing for, and receiving the item, the buyer agrees to all of the terms and conditions as outlined above.

Should these terms and conditions be dishonored for any reason, the buyer agrees to forfeit a 25% non-refundable deposit. The buyer will be issued a partial refund upon the return of the item in the original condition (unused and undamaged), with postal fees at the cost of the buyer as well. These terms and conditions also apply to the buyer’s bank and or credit card used to make this purchase.

LUXRYEDITION is committed to fairness and transparency with all buyers and sellers – we ask for the same in return. If at any point you require assistance with any aspect of your purchase, such as more information or photos, please contact us at